When the moon is in the seventh House ... of Representatives


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The Washington Post has a useful Web tool that allows readers to track Congressional votes and sort them by a number of factors: party, state/territory, region, "boomer status" (okaaay), gender...

...and astrological sign. Seriously.

I was digging around to check the final votes on the "Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009" (aka S-CHIP), and came across this WashPo breakdown of votes by the zodiac.

Looks like the Gemini members were split (29 yay, 21 nay), while Pisces were all for it (21 yay, 6 nay). Out of 6 members who didn't vote, 3 of them were Libra.

What does it all mean? Mysterious. And why would the Post bother to sort Congressional votes by horoscope? Even more mysterious. Guess I'm just a skeptical Capricorn (S-CHIP vote: 15 yay, 13 nay, 1 not voting).


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