There is also an amusing, appalling dissection of the way Fox uses the phrase "some say," as in "some say Senator Kerry has a tendency to flip-flop," not to cloak a source but to camouflage a statement of opinion.

-- The New York Times, reviewing the documentary Outfoxed

Anyone who has seen Outfoxed, Robert Greenwald's documentary about Fox News Channel, knows about the "some say" canard. Desiring to air an opinion but have it play as "straight" reporting, a Fox anchor will preface it, "Some say...," turning whatever follows into a discussion of a position, rather than an advocacy of it.

-- Conde Nast Portfolio's Mixed Media column

Inspector General Robert Cerasoli has ordered thousands of dollars of weaponry and ammunition for investigators in his office.

"The office is a law enforcement office by ordinance and by state law," Cerasoli said.

In the first special session of the state legislature in 2008, lawmakers passed HB-80. The legislation says in part that: A municipality may designate the office of inspector general as a law enforcement agency ... and confer upon the office all investigative powers and privileges given to a law enforcement agency.

As such, the inspector general has ordered pistols and ammunition, handcuffs, leg irons and tactical entry tools....

Newschannel 6 has talked to some in the law enforcement community who were surprised by Cerasoli's purchases. Some even said that the weaponry and spending is unnecessary.

-- WDSU.com

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