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For all the accolades that the New Orleans Hornets have accumulated this season — on pace for a franchise-record in wins, second-place in the Western Conference, and everything Chris Paul does — they just can't seem to knock the notion that they're somehow underachieving this season.

Maybe it's that they set the bar so high last year. Maybe it's because they've lost to teams like Charlotte (14–24) and Sacramento (9–29) or barely showed up in match-ups against NBA elites like the Lakers and Magic. Or maybe it's just performances like tonight's: an listless and almost humiliating 101–95 loss to the 14–22 New York Knicks.

"It pisses me off more than anything," Coach Byron Scott said of his team's effort tonight.

The Hornets, Scott said, are "not a great team. We're a good team, a very good team when we want to be." The message, of course, is clear. Great teams beat every team they're supposed to.


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