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England’s crisps manufacturers Walkers, a member of the Frito-Lay family, is no stranger to weird, probably unnecessary snack foods, but its become a genre of food unto its own in the U.K., using English potatoes, natural oil, and quirky “flavours” in cute foil packages, and thus, inexplicably delicious. Like pizza from a movie theater. Though it’s probably not the best-tasting thing in the world, it’s still pizza, and OH LOOK FLASHING COLORS THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME.


But c’mon, seriously?


Not even a stab at something ubiquitous, like Creole Gumbo, or Smoked Andouille? They’ve taken on other simple ethnic dishes, like Onion Bhaji, and Crispy Duck and Hoisin — why not us? This feels too much like a finger jab in our figurative belly. Either that, or England is just legitimately excited about squirrel.


Lean times, friends.

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