Where is the love, City Hall? WHERE?



Did you know that the official City of New Orleans Web site had a "Media" page? Me neither. But it makes total sense, given the zillions that have been invested in the city's super-high-tech technology budget under the stewardship of great men like Greg Meffert and Anthony Jones, our own Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. After all, back in 2007, Jones told New Orleans City Business:

We will provide as much access to information and data as possible to our citizens and visitors through our Web site.

So it makes sense that the official city Web site would have a "Media" page! Totally makes sense! And here it is:


Now that's what I call a comprehensive look at New Orleans media for "citizens and visitors alike." I love The Louisiana Weekly (truly), and I think it's peachy that 6 out of the 7 publications they list are from Renaissance Publishing, Inc., the province of Errol Laborde & Co.

But, New Orleans City Hall: no Gambit? No Times-Picayune? No CityBusiness? No WWL, no WVUE, no ABC26? Hell, no Antigravity? (We appreciate your acknowledgment of WDSU, but let's face it: the Mackels can't do it all themselves.)

Are we not your media children too, New Orleans City Hall? Do not citizens and visitors benefit from our fine reporting and commentary about the state of the city? Do we not shine as brilliant a light on our vibrant recovery and thriving business community as does New Orleans Bride?

Sheesh. Unloved, party of one? That's us. We may not be as relevant to the civic pulse as is On Stage: New Orleans' Guide to the Performing Arts; we may be Laborde-less and Mackel-less and small Brabant potatoes to you, but we are humble scriveners too, intermittent pulses of information across the great information superhighway, and dammit, we're here.

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