Twelfth Night!



It's here. Happy Epiphany, whether you're just eating your first legal slice of king cake (Rouse's has had 'em on sale since Christmas), riding with the Phunny Phorty Phellows, or marching with the new St. Joan of Arc krewe through the Quarter to the Jeanne d'Arc statue by the French Market.

In their first year, the Joanie-on-Her-Pony folks are experiencing a unique rite of Carnival: rain dates. If it's too wet tonight, the krewe says:

Just in case the chance of rain increases, we are in the midst of creating a backup plan.

Wednesday morning the rain is supposed to clear and it would be less windy. However, Thursday or Friday might be better for some leading ladies in our krewe.

We will make the final decision early Tuesday! Keep checking back!

Happy Carnival, everyone.

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