Why Ozzy Osbourne is so broken now (possibly)



Last month, a pair of researchers from the School of Risk and Safety Sciences at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, published findings indicating that headbanging might actually cause mild traumatic brain damage. (CNN's report above. I like the medical reporter's incredulous, "Silly me, I thought it was all the drugs they were doing," and also her demonstration of the technique.) The study noted that "Young people at heavy metal concerts often report being dazed and confused," but that "little formal injury research has been conducted into the worldwide phenomenon of headbanging." (Gee... really? And also... gee, really?) Considering the popularity of metal in the South, health-conscious New Orleanians planning to attend gigs like this week's Outlaw Order show or February's upcoming Motley Crue performance (dang it... why doesn't this blog software have an umlaut?) may wish, as the study advises, to practice restricting their headbanging to a less-than-75-degree range of motion. We're just saying.   

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