Alabama's QB of the Future?



by Clay A. Smith

Saban is a fucking ham


Photo by Jonathan Bachman


Nick Saban and Alabama's Crimson Tide rolled into New Orleans earlier today and after storming the Saints' facility immediately began practicing for their Sugar Bowl matchup against the University of Utah.


"It is great to finally be in New Orleans," senior quarterback John Parker Wilson said. "We are going to get on the practice field this week and get ready to play an outstanding Utah team that presents us with a lot of challenges."

But the Tides' business-like approach could be presumed an affirmation — that the sting from the 31-20 loss to Florida in the S.E.C. championship game has yet to subside.

"Great teams are able to rebound from tough losses, and we want to be able to show that we are a great team," senior free safety Rashad Johnson said. "We have to come in here and work hard the entire week and get totally prepared for an excellent Utah team."


In militaristic uniformity Alabama's offense and defense quickly dispersed around the Saints' complex and into their respective groups. Like a carefully choreographed musical each group went into their own individual productions – quarterbacks, receivers, defensive backs, and lineman all working separately. The always Defensive minded Saban, perhaps in anticipation for the number seventh ranked Utes' and their spread offense,  promptly joined his defensive backs for one on one drills.

Doing his best impression of Utah quarterback Brian Johnson — straw hats notwithstanding — Saban lobbed pass after pass while Alabama defensive backs tried to defend against the sprightly 57 year-old "game manager."


"First and foremost, we are here to win a football game and our preparations have to be our priority," center Antoine Caldewll said.


Overall, No. 4 Alabama looked sharp. But one thing is for certain, though the Tide can do as many drills they'd like, none of it will matter if they don't show up ready for Utah on Friday.

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