Katrina's White Vigilantes



In terms of real time blogging, this story has been out there for the past few days, but it bears repeating and forwarding.

     According to an article, “Katrina’s Hidden Race War” written by A.C. Thompson for The Nation, at least  11 African-American men were shot by white vigilantes in the Algiers Point neighborhood in the days following Hurricane Katrina.

     Thompson interviewed police officers, firefighters, forensic pathologists, shooting victims, members of the vigilante group and studied more than 800 autopsy records and other records in the course of his 18-month investigation into the vigilante story that, up until now, has been passed around more as myth than fact.

     Thompson has changed all that and has shown, contrary to what has been portrayed by the media, there were numerous instances of racially-motivated violence against African Americans during this time period. Thompson writes: “Now it’s clear that some of the most serious crimes committed during that time were the work of gun-toting white males.”

     The following is a short film Thompson made in which he interviews shooting victim Donnell Herrington as well as showing video clips of alleged white vigilante members, including one Wayne Janak, who brags about the shootings he committed, saying, “It was great! It was like pheasant season in South Dakota. If it moved, you shot it.”

     Thompson reports there has been no investigation by the New Orleans Police Department or by the Orleans District Attorney’s Office into these crimes. 


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