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Looking to start the New Year with a new position? Congressman-elect Anh "Joseph" Cao will take office in two weeks, and he's hiring:

This application process is designed to provide prospective applicants with information to help them apply for positions in Congressman-Elect Cao's offices. Some selections will be made during the transition process and others during the first weeks following Congressman-Elect Cao's January 6th, 2009 swearing in.

Applicants for any of these non-career positions - should use this website, as applying on-line is the fastest and most accurate way to get your information to us. (If you are interested instead in a career, civil service position with the federal government, you should proceed to the Office of Personnel Management website at

If you apply for a position now, you will not need to apply again after January 6th. Applications submitted now will be retained and considered after Congressman-Elect Cao takes office.

Application Process:

1. Send a job request email to

2. Include your contact information: Name, Address, Contact Phone and Email Address.

3. Attach any supporting documents or your resume along with the email.

4. Upon submitting your full on-line application you will receive an e-mail acknowledgment.

5. If and when you are considered for a specific position, you will be asked to fill out additional forms, including financial disclosures, and be subject to other reviews which may include FBI background checks.

Good luck

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