Save the Bonfire: Zut alors! Le resistance!


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That's the scene in the neutral ground at Orleans Avenue, site of the neighborhood's annual New Year's Eve bonfire, which city officials have said will not be permitted this year.

Save the Bonfire, a Web site created earlier this week to coalesce support for reversing the decision, snapped these photos (which we ganked without permission) of signs blossoming along Orleans Avenue. This one is calling for a neighborhood rally at the spot on Sunday, "after Saints game":

Bonfire Meeting

At Save the Bonfire, nearly 500 visitors have voted in an unscientific Web poll about the bonfire; as of Saturday night, 97% are voicing their support for continuing the tradition.

Representatives of the NOPD, the NOFD, and the Department of Parks & Parkways will be holding an "informational session" on the bonfire on Mon., Dec. 22 at 6:30 p.m. at Grace Episcopal Church (3700 Canal St.). But if you can't wait until then, there's always the neutral ground at 4200 Orleans "after Saints game."


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