It's a good thing Mikes James didn't appear on "Supernanny" before he got traded


Mikes James supernanny


Completely lost in the shuffle of the Mikes James-for-Antonio Daniels trade that went down last week is this gem: the James family appearance on ABC's "Supernanny". Of course, since James now plays for the Wizards, this should be of much more concern to Washington media and fans. But at the same time, could you imagine if this episode (which aired on Friday night) had come out before the trade went down?


The video is quite painful and I don't recommend you wasting too much time on it. Instead, check out the quotes transcribed by the invaluable asset that is Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. It's not pretty and, needless to say, the Hornets look incredibly smart to have been able to trade a potential locker-room nuisance so quickly and for such a good player in Daniels.


Oh, and for the record, I don't think that James is as bad as the show makes him out to be. My experience led me to believe that he was very smart and engaging, if not a little bit self-obsessed, but not the type of guy to drag down an entire franchise around him out of spite (though it's not like he had much time to do that). But after watching most of the episode, it's a safe bet Hornets fans are happy James is wearing a different uniform.

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