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Think of this blog as the champagne room of Gambit Weekly... the place you go for a little extra (except here, you actually get it.) Below is a little bit of lagniappe from this week's cover story on the dearly departed strip club - some anecdotes that had to be cut for space but are too weird and fin to leave out completely - like former Big Daddy's musician Eddie Jones and his stories of bikers, Quaaludes and... toilets.

“They tore a toilet out at the Bastille one night, and hoisted it up as a sign,” he said. “The Vieux Carre commission made them take it down. The same night they tore the commode out, they scalped a guy with a buck knife in there, to give you an idea of the kind of place it was.”

Bikers who drank at Funky Butts around the corner often dated Big Daddy’s strippers. One New Year’s Eve, when a group of LSU frat boys started a fight in the club, the bikers got wind of it and ran around the corner to join in the fray.

“They tore the commode out of the ladies’ room, and threw it out into Bourbon Street,” Jones said. “It seemed like it was the rage back then to tear toilets out, I suppose. One of my friends took the seat and the lid off, and made a bass guitar out of it.”

Candace Lamb, the bartender who served many an off-work Big Daddy's dancer at Candice's on Conti in the '90s, also told us that one night at her bar, a dancer managed to tear the toilet out of the ladies' room. Lamb marched down the street to the club, buttonholed the girl in the dressing room and asked her to pay for it. She did.

But my favorite Big Daddy's story? It's a vintage one, from Eddie Jones. Apparently, one summer, a friend of his was arrested near the club for having 500 pounds of Quaaludes in her trunk. That's a quarter ton of Quaaludes.


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