So Long, Seattle



Seattle’s The Pharmacy loves New Orleans a little too much.


An hour after a potentially disastrous performance alongside tourmates Japanther at 3 Ring Circus’ Big Top Gallery in May, the band already cozied up inside the bowels of the St. Roch Tavern for another round of overdriven rainbows-and-sunshine garage pop.


And in November, the band huddled into the Saturn Bar to headline the monthly Mod Night swampfest. But the B.O. and pocket-sized venues didn’t offer enough homey goodness to quench the band’s thirst for the city’s unique brand of dive bar sweat blankets. Now the Pharmacy is emigrating their Northwestern bubble for a permanent residence in our own backyard.


From frontman Scott Yoder:


We’re totally excited about New Orleans. We took some time off there on this tour during Halloween and election night and it was amazing. During the Day of the Dead celebration some of us covered our faces with powdered sugar from the beignets from Café Du Monde. New Orleans has such an amazing musical heritage. …It’s always inspiring to be there and this time we decided that we really want to stay.


Sure, in a list of places to relocate to, New Orleans may rank somewhere near the bottom of the ocean or a nuclear warhead. But at least we can still attract a few bands to remind us ‘hey, you guys aren’t so bad’. Thanks, the Pharmacy.

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