Good News? Not all Utah fans are Mormon.


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Whoopee cushion


Credit the Birmingham News for going right after the issues that matter in the days leading up to the 75th Annual Sugar Bowl. Specifically, for clarifying the University of Utah's stance on drinking:


"There are some misconceptions about the University of Utah around the country and we're always happy to clear them up," Barron said. "We're not affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are a diverse population. We have many thousand non-Mormon students here."

And the bar industry of the New Orleans breathes a little more easily.

-Yes, because Alabama fans are known for their stoic sobriety, so you can't count on them to boost bar revenues. Oh, and forget about New Year's the day before the game, who stays up for that?

Yes, notably missing from this report is whether or not New Orleans bars are actually concerned that their sales wouldn't be as high this year as in years past because of the presence of the University of Utah students, alumni and fans. And forget the fact that an official statement from the folks at Utah saying that the University isn't officially affiliated with the Mormon Church doesn't mean that every Utah-an (Ute? Utahnian?) will officially be getting hammered during their stay.


Though none of this will make the sight of drunken, dazed Utes on Bourbon Street any less funny.


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