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Architectural Record has come out with an article about Brad Pitt's Make It Right project in the Lower Ninth Ward:

The first six homes built by Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation are now finished. They represent not only fresh starts for homeowners, but also blueprints for affordable, storm-resistant, and sustainable housing designs. “The goal is to bring people back,” says John Williams, the New Orleans architect supervising the endeavor. “But this project is also a laboratory for what can be done here and elsewhere.”

Heavily subsidized by Pitt’s foundation, the per-house budget of $150,000 is possible because of donated materials and services, including the architects’ designs. Williams acknowledges that these prototypes exceeded the budget, but says costs will drop as more houses are built. The goal is to build 150 homes; Pitt’s foundation has raised money for 87 of them....

Check out the slideshow (and ignore the comments, which have a sadly familiar stench).


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