Snowballs, for real



Just last night I was singing Christmas carols in a West Bank barroom, thinking how odd the lyrics about snow rides and frosty weather felt in the subtropics. And today, it's snow.

People are scrambling to dig out boots. They're sending cell phone pictures of their snow-dusted tropical plants to unbelieving relatives. They're wondering when the authorities will shut down the bridges.

I really didn't think I'd see another snowy day in New Orleans after the Christmas day flurries in 2004, but here we are again in the thick of it.

This makes me think of the snowy streetcar scene on the wall at Mandina's from the 1960s, and the shot above taken when we ran into Kermit Ruffins and his future bride outside Joe's Cozy Corner that Christmas afternoon four years ago.

Make sure you take some memorable pictures folks.

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