Hate Crime in Shreveport — Against Obama Supporter



Shreveport police are investigating what apparently is a racially motivated hate crime — the beating of a Barack Obama supporter late Saturday night (Dec. 6) at a gas station for wearing an Obama t-shirt and sporting Obama bumper stickers on his vehicle.


Kaylon Johnson, 32, works at Southern University in Shreveport and has worked for months in the Obama headquarters in Shreveport as an IT and office coordinator. Late Saturday night, he was beaten by two white men at a gas station for wearing the Obama t-shirt. The white men reportedly yelled racial slurs and obscenities before attacking and savagely beating Johnson, who was knocked out and hospitalized. He has suffered serious injuries to his eye socket and a broken nose. He will need surgery to recover.


You can read a more detailed account about the incident HERE — and get info on how to contact Johnson’s friends. You can also see other media reports HERE, HERE and HERE. If you want to email well wishes to Johnson, you can do so via obamashreveport@gmail.com.


To all those who are crowing about how the elections of Bobby Jindal and Anh Cao signal a new day in Louisiana, this is a sad, sad reminder that we still have a long, long way to go.

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