Strange Christmas Song of the Day #4



A lot of great and hilarious music came out of Atomic Age paranoia (click here for some great examples, and if anyone is looking for a holiday gift for me...), and as today's song shows, the Cold War gets even colder when it reaches the North Pole. After all, Santa's transnational flight plan has him flying through plenty of enemy airspace, and as was common knowledge back in the day, the Russians don't believe in Christmas.  Luckily, since 1955, NORAD has been tracking Santa's annual rounds, and even providing fighter pilots as escort to protect him from enemy fire. Their totally deadpan website should be required holiday viewing. ("Amazingly, Rudolph's bright red nose gives off an infrared signature which allows our satellites to detect Santa.") As Christmas lagniappe, today's post includes an excerpt from a NORAD broadcast during which regional air defense commanders followed Santa's flight on Christmas Eve 1961. 

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