A letter from 2nd Congressional District candidate Gregory W. Kahn



(Gregory Kahn expressed his disappointment in Gambit's endorsement process in the runup to last Saturday's election. He was invited to respond in writing.)

As the Libertarian Party candidate for the Second Congessional District, I must express my profound disappointment at the lack of professionalism and integrity in your endorsement process. At the candidate interviews, I answered fully all your questions and, in addition, provided specific written substantive policy positions on many other issues. In your editorial, I was summarily dismissed as the candidate with the weakest grasp of Washington issues as evidenced by my response not to name any subcommittee on which I might desire to be appointed. I explained that as the only Libertarian member of Congress I would not want to be relegated to some unimportant committee but instead would ask of my colleagues the courtesy to participate as a non permanent member on any committee considering legislation of significance to Louisiana and the Second Congressional District. As a career federal civil servant who worked in Wasington and helped prepare testimony for Congressional committees I am keenly aware of Washington issues, and how the House committees are structured. Most who become Libertarians do so because they are familiar with Washington issues and are repulsed by how the Democrat and Rebublican Parties handle them. Perhaps, my positions on Washington issues are not those of Gambits but that should not have led to your accusation that I have a weak grasp of the issues. Your non endorsement editorial was virtually pointless and nihilistic. However, it might have been an improvement over your endorsement of Cedric Richmond in the first Democratic Primary as he has now had his law license suspended for perjury and over your endorsement of Helena Moreno in the Second Democratic Primary as her grasp of Washington issues was clearly not evident. One of your paramount responsibilities is to inform your readers, not misinform them.


Gregory W. Kahn

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