Tree Huggers Get Organized, Toke Oxygen



Used to be that environmental crusaders only climbed the trees they were aiming to save. Well, welcome to the 21st century, hippie. At 50 Home Depots across the South today, representatives from the Save Our Cypress Coalition took a bolder tack: camping out in front of the stores’ entrances to picket the company’s purchasing of unsustainable cypress mulch. (Run down to the new Central City location and you still might catch them — just don’t be tempted by the store's gleaming floors, bountiful stock and helpful employees. It’s a protest, after all.) For his part, the Gulf Restoration Network’s Dan Favre fought The Man in the way only a Louisianan can: by traveling to Home Depot HQ in Atlanta and firing up a crab boil for CEO Frank Blake. Less-motivated activists, oxymorons though they may be, still can help by calling Home Depot corporate to request that Gulf Coast stores live up to their own environmental wood-sourcing policies. Remember: If you can do it, they might help.

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