Dr. Pepper, meet Mr. Brownstone


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It's cute that CNN does Axl Rose the courtesy of referring to Chinese Democracy as a Guns N' Roses album. But it seems that the biggest impact the project has had, after 17 years of hype, is crashing the Web site of Dr. Pepper, which promised to give away free cans of soda if the album came out in 2008. Not everybody got their downloadable coupon. (And currently there is no mention of the promotion on the site.) So Welcome to the Bungle, you can call Dr. Pepper's customer service line and the company may cough up a coupon. If not, contact Axl and see if he'll launch a class action suit. Seriously, Dr. Pepper promised "everyone" a soda. The consolation prize is that CNN links to what is probably the best review yet of Chinese Democracy, a B- from Entertainment Weekly. And notes that the Communist party of China hated the album. 


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