C'mon, Times-Picayune, you can say it! "G...G...Gambit."



We at Gambit Weekly are well aware that our compatriots at 3800 Howard are forbidden under pains of death of even mentioning our publication in the august pages of The Times-Picayune, but this morning's graphic by Times-Pic art critic Doug MacCash took things to a new level:

Gambit Gambit Dammit

The piece by French artist Anne Deleporte is actually titled Gambit; Tulane University art preparator Alexis Stahl explained to me that Deleporte used pages from Gambit in its construction.

But somehow the T-P saw the need to change the artwork's title to "Surreal wallpaper" in its infographic review rather than print the dreaded G-word on the front page of the Living section.

God only knows what they're going to do next year when Ethan and Joel Coen's next movie, Gambit, opens in New Orleans. "Untitled Coen Brothers Project," anyone?


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