Al Copeland's Christmas lights to go dark



This will be the year that the Copeland family stages their final holiday display at the late chicken mogul's house near the lakefront. And whatever you (or the Copeland neighbors) thought of the annual Xmastravaganza, it's kinda sad to see another New Orleans holiday tradition felled, going the way of the Angel Hair Lobby at the Fairmont and Mr. Bingle on the front of Maison Blanche...

The late Al Copeland's famous Christmas

display to make its final appearance

Copeland Family To Hold Last Christmas Display Lighting

on Saturday, November 29

WHAT: Locals and tourists alike recognize the symbolic tradition of the Copeland Christmas lights, as the official mark of the holiday season in New Orleans In a tribute to the legend--the late Al Copeland Sr.--his family will put the famous lights on display for the last time.

WHEN: Saturday, November 29, 2008, 6:00PM

*Media to arrive by 5:45PM*

LOCATION: The Home of the Late Al Copeland, 5001 Folse Drive, Metairie, LA

ADDITIONAL INFO: Al Copeland Sr. passed away earlier this year to Merkel Cell Carcinoma, a rare and deadly form of cancer. To honor his legacy, his family created the Al Copeland Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to contributing money for research to eradicate this rare cancer. To further culminate this holiday, the Copeland Family will be hosting a “Heaven on Earth” gala on Saturday, December 13. Admission is $100 and all proceeds go to The Al Copeland Foundation in support of Merkel Cell Carcinoma Research in Partnership with The University of Pittsburgh Merkel Cell Carcinoma Research Program. To learn more, please visit

Get a festive, gaudy eyeful of an Al Copeland Christmas while you can.

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