Nice car, Mr. Benson ... FOR ME TO POOP ON!


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Photoshop by Jonathan Bachman a.k.a. the Dragon Warrior


As many people know, Saints' owner Tom Benson owns a few Chevrolet dealerships in the greater New Orleans and San Antonio areas. What not so many people may know is that Benson takes a couple of cars to the Saints facilty every year in the hopes of selling a few to his players.


Well either the Saints players aren't too fond of Chevys (they wouldn't be alone) or the Saints facility needs to beef up their security because apparently someone saw Benson's cars and went number two all over them.


Mr. Benson brings in a fleet of shiny new cars to the Saints facility and then someone takes a dump on them and renders them pretty-much worthless. If there's a better metaphor for the Saints' season, I can't think of one.

Now, before we jump to any conclusions, we have to admit that no one in the Saints' organization has even come forward to even confirm the possibilty of this being true. But if it is (and please, God, let it be), keep in mind that the only way to get into the players' parking lot at the Saints facility is if you're a player or some other certified team offcial. In other words, the chances that some random prankster pulled this off is slim.


So now the question remains: which player (or players) had the intestinal fortitude (!) to pull off this stunt? You know I'm going to be all over this story this week.


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