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Carlos Mencia, star of the Comedy Central show Mind of Mencia, plans to open a pan-Latin restaurant in the Central Business District early next month serving Mexican and Central and South American food.

The restaurant is called Suavé Latino Bar & Grill and is scheduled to open Dec. 5 at 200 Magazine Street, the same location that had been Huey's 24/7 Diner prior to Hurricane Katrina and Rosey's Diner for a period afterward.

The restaurant business is a new pursuit for Mencia, who at least in New Orleans is better known for pointing out the futility of living in our city.

Mencia's tag line is "equal opportunity offender," and he did offend some people with a March 2006 stand-up act in which he joked:

I am the one that has to ask the question: why are we rebuilding New Orleans? Whose idea was this, f**king Aquaman? Even the fish are like, 'get away from here!' 'But Carlos we want to preserve our culture.' Nobody said you can't , but who said you gotta preserve your culture where it's at? I'm not saying don't preserve your culture, New Orleanites, I'm just saying use your culture and move it 200 miles away from water, that's all I'm saying."

If Mencia located his new investment "200 miles away from water" he would need to find a new spot for Suavé Latino Bar & Grill somewhere around Monroe or Jackson.

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