Behold: Fast Food Tattoos (tipoff courtesy of The Gurgling Cod). This one in particular seems relevant to our readership -- a permanent salute to the enduring culinary accomplishments of one Mr. Al Copeland (image under the cut just in case you're eating):


What does it profit a man to have the Popeyes logo tattooed on his belly? Does he get free food for life? Can he just walk into any store, lift his shirt, and demand a free three-piece-spicy and a biscuit?

If so, would Uptowners be flocking to Crescent City Tattoo to get Galatoire's or Arnaud's engraved on their dewlaps? (Or maybe they already do...maybe all the former Krewe of Rex queens have a delicate "Antoine's" inked on the smalls of their backs.)

And if you don't get something for having Popeyes on your stomach (instead of in your stomach) -- why do it at all?

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