Professor Carville, I Presume



James “It’s the economy, stupid” Carville is a regular Brangelina in these parts. He’s been spotted (by pundit pulverizer and Gambit staff writer Noah Bonaparte Pais) waiting for a table at Irene’s, and Carville’s e-stalkers have posted a few Craigslist Missed Connections.


Carville’s in town thanks to Tulane University, who hired CNN’s resident Skeletor to teach an upcoming class, “The 2008 Presidential Election.” His tailor-made classroom size of 40 students — whittled down from 125 applicants — features supposedly the best and brightest.

But what about the denied applicants — the 85 Carvilleless, jaded poli-sci majors dragging their feet around campus, obviously blacklisted as campus conservatives by the Tulane elite.


I guess the weeding out saves Carville from having to discipline the bad seeds. God forbid a political celebrity get his hands dirty. Text messagers, those with obnoxious cell phone ringtones and pretending-to-type-but-really-just-on-the-Internet laptop users beware. Carville ain’t afraid to get Cajun style. 

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