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Web site

It's finally here. In response to your requests, we've completely redesigned Gambit Weekly's Web site, and it's going live today with a soft rollout as we tweak and de-bug things here and there. Some things you may notice:

- A new, very logical drop-down menu bar at the top of the site will take you where you want to go quickly, wherever you are on the site.

- Content from the Blog of New Orleans is now integrated on the front page of the Web site.

- Our improved listings section is fully searchable by a number of customizable fields...if you're looking for Thai food on the Northshore or who's playing Uptown on Dec. 17, you can find it with a few quick clicks, and get a Google Map to take with you.

- We're making it easy for readers to follow us on Twitter, friend us on Facebook, or buddy up with us on MySpace.

- And we'll be adding lots of multimedia -- music, video, podcasts, and whatever else we come up with.

- Don't forget: free stuff!

Have patience with us for a bit. This isn't just a new shell around the old site -- it's brand-new, and we're still tweaking it. Things may load slowly; content may be unavailable; links may be broken. We're working on it.

Let us know what you like, and let us know what's not working. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks!


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