Life will have proven its futility should I arrive to meet my maker at that big sandwich counter in the sky and be presented with a menu that looks totally unlike this.


The Po-Boy Preservation Festival restores my faith in the trappings of the physical world — for now. 


I might have to check out early. I’d rather go with my boots on —a fried green tomato and shrimp remolaude stuffed artery should do the trick.


For the fellow sandwich obsessed, students and professors from University of New Orleans will present a few history lessons at the festival, including “Muffuletta: The Poor Boy’s Italian Cousin,” with guest speakers Sal Logiduce of United Bakery and Angelo Brocato of, well, duh. Gambit Weekly’s D. Erik Bookhardt and Bunny Matthews will join the discussion in “Lost Poor Boy Shops: Clarence and Lefty’s.”

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