Palin bails out publishing industry


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 Ohhh, the irony. When the election ended, I feared that Sarah Palin would disappear — leave the national scene for a while and regroup in Alaska. Fortunately, she hasn't been shy about her interests in the 2012 election. She also wasn't clear about her intentions, but that's just the way she speaks. And polls of Republicans show her high in the polls of favorites to lead the party in 2012. But she's also popular with New York publishers. Apparently she may command a $7 million advance for a book deal. (And that's not with Regnery Press, home to Ted Nugent, Chuck Norris and Ollie North). It's big, elitist, liberal bias New York publishers. (And it's sort of a consolation for an industry that looks forward to post-presidential windfalls, since not many publishers think Bush's memoirs will sell terribly well.) I have no idea who's going to write Palin's book. Probably not Mark Salter, the author of McCain's five books. But I am going to go out on a limb and predict that in Palin's book, she and McCain win the election. 


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