He razed the racial barrier for the American presidency, his words inspire millions and bring grown men to tears, and his disciples grew a redwood of a campaign from the most humble grass roots. But one particularly troubling aspect of Barack Obama's character appears to have slipped by censors like a ninja in the night: The man can't stand beets.


From the AP:

Former President George H.W. Bush famously disliked broccoli. His son, the outgoing president, is a Texas meat-eater. President-elect Barack Obama loves chili and shuns beets.


Obama's aversion to beets aside - "I always avoid eating them," he says - the new first family are foodies with a wide-ranging palate. … "They are totally adventurous people ... they enjoy food," said chef Rick Bayless of Topolobampo, an upscale contemporary Mexican restaurant in downtown Chicago that's a favorite of the Obamas.


Apparently I’m not the only one put off by Obama’s prejudicial palate:


At Dooky Chase's Creole restaurant in New Orleans, he offended longtime owner Leah Chase by pouring hot sauce all over the gumbo she offered to fatten him up.


"I hope this isn't insulting," he said. Chase, sitting at his side, stared straight ahead.


Who vetted this guy? Upon loudly proclaiming my long-held belief that beets are the rubies in Mother Nature’s jewelry box, I was shocked to hear that fellow Gambit Weekly staffers David Winkler-Schmit and Alex Woodward are themselves beet haters. (The former even drew up a hasty borscht-communism connection, a tenuous thread I believe the Bullet Steve Schmidt himself would deplore.)


The issue has divided our offices and cubicles like ancient Greek city-states. And so I ask you, BONO reader and American patriot: Will you stand idly by while a wholesome, delectable root vegetable is rooted out of your diet by an arugula sympathizer who pals around with tortillas?        



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