Put on your fine ass chemise and join the party girls of yesteryear at the Royal Fingerbowl reunion show



Another Royal Fingerbowl reunion show this Friday at One Eyed Jacks. The unique chemistry of Alex McMurray (gtr), Carlo Nuccio (drums), Matt Perrine (bass/sousaphone), Bob Andrews (keys), and probably Washboard Chaz (french horn - just kidding) will be on display for all and recorded for posterity and later live CD. If you missed the last one, it was a beautiful time and hearing the Fingerbowl anthems put me in the right frame of mind. There were great drinking songs and great sobbing songs and the demented perspective of Decatur Street, Frenchmen Street, and Barracks St. Some of it was like walking into a time warp back into the turn of the century. What I mean was that I looked up from the bar and the Fingerbowl groupies (names have been concealed to protect the-not-even-close-to-innocent) were dancing together and a certain shaggy pianist was pulling back the curtain side stage almost tripping off the steps with a nefarious look on his face and I looked up at Candace to order my shot and look down and it's the same bar! Literally, I'm looking at and leaning on the same bar that I held up at the Matador back when Fingerbowl did the Monday nights there. What godforsaken year is it anyway? Anyway, enough of my ranting hallucinations. You too can have this experience while listening to the classic songs of this great band.

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