Nagin in Details magazine: "I'm all about results, man."



Ethan Brown, one of the city's best investigative journalists (and a man underappreciated in his own hometown), has an eye-opening portrait of Ray Nagin in the new issue of Details. It's not on newsstands yet, but it's online and sure to spark discussion. A few tidbits:

Nagin on the Gustav evacuation and subsequent re-entry cock-up:

"I’d do it all over again."

Nagin on the NOAH scandal:

“Everybody’s looking at it, which is great. Because now I’ve got professional investigators versus bloggers.”

Nagin on the New Orleans blogosphere:

“To me, some of those blogs have become the new sheets for racist people. They’re not marching around with white sheets. They’re on the blogs and in the comments sections.”

(He's got a point there, but it would've been nice if he would've recognized the difference between thoughtful individual bloggers and, well, this.)

Nagin on Nagin:

"I’m a lifelong Democrat, but I have supported some Republicans. I’m all about results, man."

Read it all here. Good work, Ethan.

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