Glass Kickin'



Glass terrariums, homemade jam jars, piggy banks, or, you know, landfill. Just some suggestions for Phoenix Recycling subscribers — your glass jars aren’t going anywhere.


A little more than a week after it announced its new cardboard policy, Phoenix announced it will no longer collect glass — effective immediately.


David McDonough sent the following email to subscribers: 

We regret to announce that effective immediately, we can no longer recycle glass. The material we take is based on what the Recycling Foundation of Baton Rouge can process and sell. If they don't have markets for a certain item, they cannot accept it with the expectation that it will be recycled.  When we announced the changes to the cardboard policy, I opted for a brief announcement and ended up with a flood of emails and questions. The explanation below is much more detailed for that reason. We apologize for these changes and rest assured we are working to find ways to accept glass and cardboard as soon as possible.  One thing to note is that many Municipal programs do not accept cardboard or glass. We have been fortunate, to-date and are always working to take as much as possible.


Phoenix will continue to collect plastics, metal containers, mixed paper and newspaper, so don’t expect a rate decrease.


As for glass, you’re out of luck — nobody in the city accepts glass. The Green Project accepts cardboard and other recyclables, but not glass. Not even citywide recycling collections accept glass. The next citywide recycling drop off event is Sat., Nov. 22 at the Joseph S. Yenni Building (1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., Jefferson) and the Jefferson Parish General Government Building (200 Derbigny St., Gretna) from 9 a.m. to noon. Check the Jefferson Parish website or call 731-4612 for a list of accepted materials.

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