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Prospect.1's Treme exhibits feature a handful of intriguing artists. The Jazz & Heritage Foundation offices (1205 N. Rampart St.) and adjoining Gaskin-Southall Mortuary feature New Orleans folk artist Roy Ferdinand Jr. and Chicago collage artist Tony Fitzpatrick. If you're in the neighborhood, don't miss the work at the New Orleans African American Museum (1418 Gov. Nicholls St.), which has been beautifully restored. The interior of the home features portraits by the team of Brad McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry. They printed images on linen based on the mug shots taken of blacks arrested during the Montgomery bus boycott. Each canvas is behind a silk screen which mirrors the image and contains the makeshift numbered arrest placard, which in some ways completes the shot but obscures the person.  In one of the back buildings on the property, a video installation by South African artist William Kentridge is one of the more fascinating videos that I have seen in Prospect.1. The video is projected from the ceiling down onto a plain white circle with a glass cylinder in the center. The story seems to spin like a record, but in distorted images, which are then put in proper perspective when one views their reflection in the cylinder. It's a fascinating combination of music, narrative, video and optical illusion.


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