Don't Touch Grandpa's Soul!


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Those pesky Mormons are at it again, trying to save the souls of dead people. Today, CNN is reporting that Jewish Holocaust survivors are upset with the Mormons for posthumously baptizing Holocaust victims. Followers of the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) believe  that baptism and other “saving ordinances,” including confirmation, endowment and sealing-marriage, can be bestowed upon any whoever lived.  The posthumous baptisms are done by proxy, meaning a member of LDS stands in for the deceased and is immersed in the baptismal waters.

     In order to find possible lost souls for baptism, volunteer Mormons continuously comb through millions of vital records held in archives throughout the U.S. and the world, and the LDS has a database of more than 2 billion names that have been traced. The Mormons are renowned for their genealogical research, and they do make the database available to the greater public free of charge The original records for the database are held behind 14-foot doors of the Granite Mountain Records Vault, a repository that can withstand a nuclear attack and is located in the Wasatch mountain range, near Salt Lake City.

     The Jews aren’t the only ones who are upset with the LDS over proxy baptisms; the Vatican has directed Catholic dioceses worldwide  to stop giving parish records to Mormon genealogists.   

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