Glad to see everyone is taking this so well


Payton sad


Well it's been a full day since the the final whistle mercifully ended yesterday's Saints game and, as you'd might expect, the Who Dat-sphere is busy mourning the loss of the season.


  • The most eloquent reaction has to come from Chicks in the Huddle who called yesterday's performance a "buffet of crap" and then went on to reveal the most cringe-inducing menu ever.
  • Peter Finney over at the Times-Picayune echoes my sentiment yesterday and looks at the Saints' season through numbers. He concludes that while he believes it's still possible that the Saints will run the table the rest of the season and make it to the playoffs, "But I also believe in the fat lady. And I'm afraid she ain't singing, "When The Saints . . ."  (Losing seasons bring the best scribe in all of us, no?)
  • Finney's colleague, John DeShazier, doesn't mince words: "Sunday's stink bordered on torturous."
  • The Biloxi Sun-Herald's Larry Holder (of man-sandal fame) has probably the only borderline-nice words about the Saints, calling them "a finesse team". Wait, what's that? Finesse in football isn't good? My bad.
  • Lastly, Fletcher Mackel is already looking towards next year's possible draft picks. He's also calling on the Saints to raid the New York Giants for another high-profile player, running back Brandon Jacobs: "why not go over-pay for a bruiser from Louisiana?  Maybe the addition of Jacobs would force Sean Payton to start running the ball on a consistent basis".

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