Hopheads Unite at Winterfest



If you didn't get enough of Oktoberfest this year, or you just can't ever get enough of quality brews in a fun atmosphere with plenty of Bavarian food, then head over to Deutsches Haus this Saturday evening for Winterfest.

The party is open to the public and presented by the Crescent City Homebrewers club, so expect a crowd of folks who can dish on the finer points of mashing, sparging and fermentation, plus those of us who just know good beer when we taste it.

Admission ($30 at the gate, $25 in advance online) gets you complimentary home-brewed and commercially-produced beers and wines. There will be live music and Deutsches Haus will serve traditional German food including sausage, potato salad and sauerkraut.

Here's the link for more information and advance tickets.

-- Ian McNulty

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