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Just a note of thanks to WWL-TV (particularly human WWL nerve center Dominic Massa) for being so welcoming to Gambit Weekly tonight and allowing us to crash their excellent coverage with nothing but our laptops. They have their own excellent Web site and Twitter feed and were completely gracious about letting us blog and Gambit-Twitter from the election-news set. They set no editorial conditions and were totally chill about the entire experience. Thanks, WWL! (Can we do it again some time?)

And I've gotta brag on Gambit's political editor Clancy DuBos, who -- at 6 pm, before the polls closed -- got the exit voting numbers from some trusted source(s) and decided to stick out his neck and call the election with some very specific information in a blog post titled "It's Over -- Obama in a Landslide" in a special report for our blog readers. (The networks may have had the same info, but they didn't dole it out for hours.) I love the fact that Clancy was blogging from the set even as he was analyzing data.

And thanks to all the readers, bloggers and commenters who are supporting our efforts to move the paper from both a weekly Sunday-afternoon read to an entity that not only supplies weekly analysis, but also breaking news with a sense of fun...because y'all are the ones who bring the fun.


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