Tony Fitzpatrick



Not every artist at Prospect.1 is going to greet visitors with "Hey, pal, this is my show," (in a tone more appropriate for "Why are you touching my motorcycle?"). But that's how I was greeted by Tony Fitzpatrick in his too easy to overlook spot in the funeral home (Gaskin - Southall Mortuary, 1205 N. Rampart St.) next door to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation offices. Fitzpatrick is a Chicagoan who has considered New Orleans second home for roughly 30 years. He says in this video interview that New Orleans also was the site of his last really bad bender. And he has interesting ideas about the bohemian culture of the city. His intensely detailed collages are well worth the visit and incorporate arcane items like old matchbooks and print advertising from the Roosevelt Hotel, the Blue Room and old Creole restaurants.

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