A Smashing Pumpkin



Today is high tide for pumpkin popularity. Thanksgiving is a close second, of course, but since the jack-o-lantern is the de facto emblem of Halloween tonight's the night.

Unlike Thanksgiving, though, you don't get to taste much pumpkin on Halloween, unless you stumble upon some ambitious and generous household giving out pie to trick-or-treaters instead of "fun size" Snickers (and if you do, please let me know so I can get my android-transgender-Sarah Palin costume over there pronto for the slice).

But back in the real world, given the paucity of edible pumpkin on this of all days, I was intrigued by the appearance of pumpkin ice cream at Angelo Brocato's. I dropped into the Italian-style ice cream parlor yesterday for an innocent cup of coffee, not a mid-day ice cream, but when I spied the seasonal flavor and could not resist. Forget Halloween, this tasted like Thanksgiving dessert in a cone. Mellow, spicy, creamy, not too sweet and utterly delicious. Seasonal flavors like this are around for a limited time at Brocato's, so if you want a taste I recommend beating a path there quickly.

This pumpkin ice cream is definitely a treat.

-- Ian McNulty

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