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We've gotten a few calls and emails inquiring about Gambit's endorsement for the presidential ticket. We don't endorse for president and never have. In the interest of transparency, here's our policy:

Gambit does not endorse -- and has never endorsed -- in national races, which includes presidential contests, for the simple reason that we're a locally-focused publication. Nor does the paper endorse in local judicial or assessor races, though for a different reason -- our editorial position is that judges and assessors should be appointed, not elected. We do endorse in Congressional races, state amendments, and the rest. You can find our full list of Nov. 2008 endorsements here.

As for other weekly papers around the country, the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies (of which Gambit is a member) is currently compiling a list of which of its member publications choose to endorse or not endorse in the presidential race. (I'll update this post with a link when the AAN's survey is done.)

And if you want to track the endorsements at the country's dailies, Editor & Publisher is on top of that with a daily updated tally.


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