Horns for Guns on All Saints' Day


gun horn

When New Orleanians visit their loved ones in the graveyard on All Saints' Day, they can do it with the hope that fewer people will wind up there due to gun violence in the coming year - thanks to the Horns for Guns initiative spearheaded by Father Bill Terry of St. Anna's Episcopal Church, home of the ongoing Wednesday night Mission to Musicians event. 

Proponents of after-school music programs have long held that an involvement with music helps keep kids out of the trouble that's so readily available on the streets of New Orleans. Now, with this unique gun buyback program, that correlation will be literally expressed. For every gun brought to trade in at one of the two available locations on the afternoon of November 1, an area child will receive a gently used horn, plus a full year's instruction at Rebirth Brass Band member Derrick Tabb's Roots of Music program. Families who join the program will also receive access to a host of wellness-related and assistance resources offered by the group of participating local programs, which includes the New Orleans Musicians Clinic, Sweet Home New Orleans, Daughters of Charity and others.

For children who might not be into music, several programs in the visual and commercial arts are also available. For more information, contact St. Anna's Episcopal Church at 947-2121. Horns for Guns drop-off points will be open from 2 to 5 p.m. on Saturday, November 1. The locations are the Treme Community Center at 1600 St. Philip St., and the Progressive Baptist Church at 1214 S. Robertson St. in Central City. 

For a Gambit Weekly article I wrote on Roots of Music, click here. Click here to listen to a report on Horns for Guns by WWOZ Street Talk's Eve Abrams.

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