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Tyson Chandler is tall

Photo by Jonthan Bachman


Tyson Chandler has a blog.


It's nothing groundbreaking (like he's not calling people out or talking about hibachi grills like the Wizards' Gilbert Arenas does in his blog) but it's still a good form of entertainment with the Saints taking a break — though I'm sure the fireworks will return as soon as the Saints lose to the bye.


Of course, as with all athlete blogs, the best part about Tyson's are the personal stories he relates about his travels — do yourself a favor and find out why a man threw change at him while he was in Spain — and fun anecdotes about what it's like to be a dad — Tyson Chandler going to "Sesame Street Live" is as hilarious a mental picture as they come.


It's also interesting to see Chandler talk about issues that come up in newspaper columns without — how should I put this? — the filter of the media. Take for example his latest blog entry in which he talks about this issue of whether the Hornets this season are "the hunter" or "the hunted". Chandler insists, as he did to the Times-Picayune, that the Hornets are still "the hunter" because they haven't won a championship yet. For the record, I like to think that the Hornets are both.


Oh yea, the Hornets season starts tomorrow.



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