London Calling



Anyone heading to London for the Saints game should be forewarned: British food is horrible. It's why the British navy conquered far and wide — to find an alternative. And now, any decent travel guide to London will tell you to head to the curry houses. If you're thinking about finer dining, just watch Gordon Ramsay in action (above) and ask yourself where he learned this approach to management? 

British kitchens. Draw your own conclusions. 

Generally, I frown on people traveling abroad and seeking the comforts of home (Coke, McDonald's, ice), but I am making an exception here. Fish and chips is no fried seafood platter. And Londoners have special options this week only. Chef Mark Quitney of 5Fifty5 located in the New Orleans Marriott also is going to London. At the London Marriott at Grosvenor House, he'll prepare crab cakes, shrimp etouffee, bread pudding with bourbon sauce, bananas Foster, sweet potato pecan pie and more. You can get a taste of home to prepare for the game (the Brits don't have tailgating, they have hooligans). And if you share a table with some courteous and engaging natives, be sure to share with them the real story behind English Turn. There was no French fleet up river. Bienville just made that up. And thank god, or the Saints would be playing a different type of football and we'd be eating shepherd's pie and drinking warm beer.

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