TV Guide gets sold...for a buck


TV Guide

Sad news for those of us of a certain age: Venerable old TV Guide, the magazine that shared space on your grandma's coffee table with the mints dish and the resin grapes, was sold today...for a dollar. (That's $1.99 less than the price of a single issue.)

Blame the woes of the periodical industry, blame the woes of the economy, or blame it all on those handy onscreen program guides, but a weekly magazine dedicated to TV seems like an anachronism in a wired world. If it should disappear entirely, the only people who might mourn its passing would be the sort of crossword fans who enjoy clues like "17 Down: SAVED BY THE ____ (TV comedy)" or "12 Across: ANCHORMAN ___ RATHER."

Anyone remember the last time you saw a copy of TV Guide on a coffee table? I can't.

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