Partying Partisanship



Wednesday night's presidential campaign debate surely stirred the blood of those aware of the stakes in the upcoming election. Now how about we translate this addled political energy into cocktails?

I've heard from two New Orleans hotels this week promoting election-themed cocktails.

Zoë Lounge in the W New Orleans hotel (the one on Poydras) honors the candidates with its "Obama Pama" and "McCain mojito," sold for $8 a pop until the Nov. 4 election night.

The Ritz-Carlton takes the theme even further. The hotel's bar has concocted the "Obama slamma," (kind of a pun on the Alabama slammer), "Palin punch," the "Biden time-tini" and, again, the "McCain mojito." Customers are invited to cast a vote at the bar for their favorite.

Certainly the election will inspire a good deal of drinking, either in celebration of victory or to balm the despair of four upcoming years of unwelcome governance.

But these hotel bar promotions seem a bit blithe to me in light of the weighty issues of war, money, education, civil rights and personal freedom to be taken up by one of these candidates, or, should he expire after election, his second.

But maybe I'm just a crank. What's your take? Are you going to run out to sample a political-themed cocktail to pledge your partisan allegiance en route to a buzz, or will you just order your usual as you try to convince the Joe the Plumber on the next barstool to vote for your candidate?

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