Can you judge the good book by its cover?



Can you fight porn with porn? It seems like a tough proposition. And it's probably not an entirely fair way to characterize the work of Heather Veitch, a former stripper and soft-core porn model who found God and reached out to sex workers to welcome them into the church. Her conviction is convincing, even if her approach is at times puzzling. Bill Day's film The Pussycat Preacher tracks her conversion. Veitch is part of what Day describes as the "951 Revolution" or revelation. The area code centered around Riverside, Calif., is home to both a concentration of strip clubs and the  porn industry as well as a large Christian community. He first chronicled the scene in his film Missionary Positions. (He's also made films about environmental activists and rock music.) At a screening, Veitch approached him and asked if he wanted to make a film about her work. This is the result. It shows how Veitch prefers her done-up stripper looks (lots of makeup, big head of bleached blond hair, high heels, tight clothes, plunging necklines, boob job), and packages here mission in hot pink and glitz, but also understands the soul-sucking nature of sex work and tries to help women in the industry. The documentary screens in the New Orleans Film Festival at 9:15 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 14, at the Prytania Theatre. 

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