A Scapegoat or a Star?


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Even with the latest national polls suggesting Obama is beginning to pull away from McCain, there are some candidates in Louisiana who want voters to know they are supporting John McCain. In one of the latest John N. Kennedy for U.S. Senate commercials, the Republican contender links Landrieu to Obama and ends with Kennedy saying, “I’m John N. Kennedy and I’m for John McCain and I approve this message.”

     Now Steve Scalise, who is running as the incumbent in Louisiana’ 1st Congressional District, is airing an ad, which decries his opponent Jim Harlan’s “lies” (the commercial doesn’t explain or specify what those falsehoods are), and says these lies, “won’t cover up the fact that he’s a Barack Obama delegate.”

     Although the commercials aren’t exactly shocking considering that McCain should carry Louisiana and Scalise and Kennedy are hoping this probability will sway voters, the ads indirectly raise the question: how much of a factor is this, or should it be? In other words, Kennedy is supporting McCain, so does this factor into your Kennedy/Landrieu vote? If so, how much? 


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